Teachers at Work

Scranton K-3 teachers attend the North Dakota Literacy Conference in Bismarck! 

At Scranton Public School, we have made literacy skills a priority over the years. We have spent a lot of time and energy focusing on our Step Up to Writing process in order to improve our student outcomes in writing literacy. Literacy skills are necessary for students in their lives after high school, whether it includes postsecondary education, immediate entry into the workforce, military service, or other types of career development. Literacy skills are also relevant to successful relationships and outcomes in every aspect of life. At Scranton Public School, our priority is to develop strong literacy skills in all of our students. 

On July 12 and 13, six elementary teachers and Mr. Pierce had the opportunity to attend the North Dakota Literacy Conference to gain valuable training  in science of reading. This training was provided by AIM Pathways and focused on evidence-based training using Scarborough's Reading Rope. The objective for our teachers attending this training was to continue to strengthen our educators' knowledge and understanding of the science of reading. 

At Scranton, we will continue to make student outcomes a priority, and literacy skills will continue to be towards the top of our list of goals. We cannot wait to expand our use of the science of reading teaching strategies developed in our training and see the positive impacts this can have for the students at Scranton Public School!