Kirby Cagle

Scranton Public School will have a new 7-12 principal for the 22-23 school year. Mr. Cagle will take on this new role. He is no stranger to the school as he will be moving over from the 7-12 social studies position. Congrats to Mr. Cagle on the new position and here is a little introduction for the stakeholders of Scranton Public School.

I graduated from Dickinson State University with a degree in composite social sciences education in 2019. Since graduating, I’ve continued my education through professional development and real-life application in the classroom. I’ve been a classroom teacher for three years here at Scranton Public School. During these three years, I’ve held several coaching positions including head track and field coach, assistant football coach, and junior high football coach. I believe my experience in the classroom and these coaching opportunities have prepared me well for the roles of Secondary Principal and Activities Director. 

This summer I began a master’s degree program in educational leadership at Rocky Mountain College. I look forward to connecting the modern teaching strategies I learned to implement during my time at DSU with the skills in administration I’ll have the chance to practice during my courses at Rocky Mountain in order to create a school environment where educators, and in turn students, can excel. I’m excited for the unique opportunity to connect what I’m learning in the classroom with the daily practices of an administrative position. I’m especially excited to get to do this while continuing to work with our faculty and staff in Scranton. 

It’s exciting to have a young teaching staff who are passionate about their content and careers. I’ve always been proud of how Scranton ranks in the state of North Dakota, and I’m excited to work alongside this staff toward my goal of helping Scranton continue to be competitive among other schools. While mastering content and remaining competitive are important, I believe it is far more important that we equip students with the skills necessary to become productive members of society. As a history teacher, my goal has been that students would be productive members of society when they leave my class, and that is a goal that will not change as an administrator. I am very excited for the challenges and changes this school year will bring.